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Mel Zahar is a Director, Designer, and illustrator specializing in computer-generated imagery (CGI), photography, product visualization, and special effects. Mel combines his creative expertise and technical know-how to deliver a holistic approach to design leading and executing projects from conception through production. Since 2009, Mel has crafted dynamic, multimedia visual experiences for a variety of clients, works with brands all over the world and is primarily based in San Francisco, CA.

Currently Partner / Creative Lead at A Line Studio.
Previously APPLE. 

CLIENTS Apple/ Nike/ Beats by Dre/ Samsung/ Tesla/ McLaren/ Logitech/ AKG/ Ubisoft/ Dell/ Motorolla/ Google.
AGENCIES AKQA/ Supermorebetter/ P-L/ Kettle/ Where it's Greater/ Los York/ Turner DuckWorth/ InSync PLUS/ Moving Brands/ A Line Studio/ Ars Thanea/ Taylor James/ Kettle/ Landor/ Black Diamond... & more!
SERVICES / Creative Direction. / Art Direction. / Motion & CGI Visualization. / Design. CONTACT