MEL ZAHAR         ︎         CREATIVE DIRECTION         ︎︎︎       ART DIRECTION         ︎︎︎       CGI         ︎︎︎         DESIGN         ︎︎︎         VISUALIZATION         ︎︎︎       AI         ︎︎︎      CONCEPT DESIGN

Ai generated concepts, from words to artworks completely
generated by artficial intelegance tool.

I’m a visual thinker, one of the things in life that have always inspired me and took a lot of my attention, is Art Making. in today’s world, things are getting automated, jobs and industries are disappearing, because it can be done more effeciently by robotics and machine learning.
Artists from the past should take a lot of credit for establishing and developing styles and directions, artists of today ar super lucky, because they have got all the tools to create endlessly just from imaginations.